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About Explicit Selection

Explicit Selection is a leading consulting partner in the global financial technology domain. Having decades of experience of building products related to secure electronic transactions, we help our customers create payment products and services. Explicit Selection is accredited by Discover, Mastercard and Visa as a consulting partner. Explicit Selection actively participates in the activities of EMVCo (standardization organization owned by American Express, China Union Pay, Discover, JCB, Mastercard and Visa) and constantly monitors latest developments in the payment industry.

Current openings
Full Stack Software Engineer
About this position

It is only a matter of time when a service company becomes a product or a platform company. This time has come for us.

Your mindset

You have a good understanding of modern secure IT infrastructure, telecommunication protocol stacks and deployment architectures, a passion for learning new technologies and drive to deliver great products, strong analytical skills and hands-on mentality and preferably experience in financial domain (e-commerce, payment transactions).

Job description
You will be part of a highly skilled Agile team practicing CI/CD and DevOps methodologies. This should say it all, but if you are curious in how we see the breakdown of activities, here they are: 

  • Partake in architecture and design sessions and develop production grade and scalable code. 
  • Perform data analysis, interpret and refine functional and non-functional requirements into technical solutions.
  • Integrate to new and legacy data sources using open source software, proprietary software, and design patterns. 
  • Implement front end and back end code for responsive web and at some point mobile applications. 
  • Document stories, requirements, bugs, improvements, solutions and code.
  • Embrace test-driven development practices, design and automate unit-, integration- and E2E tests. 
  • Share your knowledge with the team, and learn from the rest of the team.

Desired skills

We work with the stack of technologies outlined in the list below. If you tick more than 50% of those, can learn the other 50%, and are eager to bring another 20% on top of it, reach out to us.

  • Languages and Frameworks: Java, Spring, Hibernate, JavaScript, NodeJS, Kotlin
  • Presentation Layers: Angular, Bootstrap
  • Databases: SQL, MongoDB
  • Telecommunication Protocols: HTTPs, REST/JSON APIs, Micro-services, Message Queues
  • Repositories and Build Managers: Git, Nexus, Docker, Maven, Jenkins
  • Test Frameworks: Mocha, Chai, JUnit, Cypress
  • Hosting and container orchestration: AWS products, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Development (management) processes: Agile / Scrum in combination with common sense.


Completed Bachelor, Master or PhD degree, preferably in a technical area such as Physics, Mathematics or Computer and Information sciences.

What we offer

You will get an opportunity to acquire and to share knowledge in financial industry and its stack of technologies. You will work in a dynamic and fast past paced environment with appreciation for different views and a passion for teamwork and developing high quality products. You will be part of a highly skilled and multi-disciplinary team with a professional approach to work combined with the agility of a young company.

We offer a competitive salary, international focus, professional atmosphere, and pleasant working environment primarily located in Leiden, The Netherlands. Naturally for these times, most of the software work is done from home.

Career growth opportunities

We are a fast growing and young company where you will have ample opportunity to grow with the company in the directions you prefer and excel at. While your next career steps may be less precisely defined than at a large corporation, we like to work with people who see this as an opportunity. 

Product Consultant (FinTech)
About this position

A Product Consultant is the artist who paints the holistic picture, making beautiful mosaics out of scattered pieces of business and technological concepts. Your mission is to help our customers build the right combination of these pieces.

Your mindset

You will be expected to know or quickly learn the world of payment products and services, paying equal attention to commercial, technological and regulatory aspects of the business. You will need to be able to read, listen, understand, write, and tell a consistent story about a technology, a product, or a service.

Tasks and Responsibilities

In this role, you will be responsible for:

  • Acquiring and sharing subject-matter expertise in Payments domain through giving professional advice and through participation in projects of our customers
  • Working together with our customers on analysis, design, and implementation of their projects in Payments domain
  • Conducting researches, performing analytics and creating reports on the relevant data, both business- and technically oriented
  • Writing documentation which is pleasant and useful to read
  • Delivering training courses and participating in workshops
  • Delivering work with the quality that we can be proud of.

Your profile

Do you see yourself in the following description?

  • Completed Master or PhD degree in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, or Computer Science
  • Having strong business affinity while being a technology savvy, or having strong technical skills while being not shy of commercials
  • Having professional experience or great interest in Payments ecosystem, infrastructure, technologies
  • Having working knowledge of modern secure IT infrastructure, concepts and design of APIs, deployment architectures
  • Having passion for learning new things, strong analytical skills and hands-on mentality
  • Having proficient command in English language, being able to write a good story, tell a good story, and illustrate it with the right drawing.

We offer

First of all, we offer to share our passion. You will get an opportunity to acquire and to share knowledge in financial industry and its stack of technologies. You will work in a multi-disciplinary team with a professional approach to work combined with the agility of a young company. We offer a competitive salary, international focus, and great professional atmosphere.

Career growth opportunity

Ok, what’s next? What will be happening with your career in a year, two, five? Good news about joining a growing company is the opportunity to grow together with it, in a direction which you like and are good at. Your next career steps are less defined here than they would be in a regular large corporation. Some see this as a minus. We like to work with people who see this as an opportunity.

Any questions?

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